The Spanish American Committee Early Childhood Enrichment Center addresses seven domains of learning with a Creative Curriculum for Preschool:

 Perceptual and Motor Domain

Includes fine and gross motor skill, coordination, integrating motor skills and vision (e.g., eye-hand coordinator), sensory integration, visual memory (e.g., recalling visual details), and tactile defensiveness (e.g., exploring materials of different textures, such as play dough and finger paint).  Holding a pencil or spoon, sense of direction, copying with a pencil and drawing simple shapes (e.g., circle, square).

Self-Management Domain

Includes self-regulation skills (e.g., paying attention), delayed gratification, impulsivity, understanding, consequences of actions, self-help skills, remembering routines, seeking help when appropriate, attentive behaviors, work habits (e.g., organization, distractibility, perseverance/diligence), and response to learning situations.

Social and Emotional Domain

Includes social interactions, friendships and play, turn-taking, reciprocal play, self-expression and emotions, interpreting emotions of others, cooperation, and participating in group activities.

Early Math Domain

Includes quantity comparison (e.g., more, less, equal), one-to-one correspondence, concept of attribute, recognition of simple patterns and sequences, spatial orientation (e.g., up, down, beside), concept of time (e.g., yesterday, today, tomorrow), counting, concept of number, number recognition, and number naming counting in proper sequence.

Early Literacy Domain

Includes emergent literacy skills related to awareness of letter sounds, syllables and rhymes, alphabet knowledge, interest in and knowledge of books and print, pre-writing skills, decoding (e.g., letter and sound relationship), and word recognition.  Interest in writing his/her name and remembering names of letters.

Receptive Language Domain

Includes skills in hearing and understanding sounds (e.g., recognizing common sounds), listening comprehension, recognizing and discriminating environmental sounds, completing sound patterns (e.g., in repetitive books or rhymes), shifting auditory attention (e.g., redirecting attention from one speaker to another), and auditory sequencing tasks.  Following simple 3-step directions.

Expressive Language Domain

Includes skills in talking and conversation including vocabulary, syntax (e.g., using correct word order in sentences), pragmatics (e.g., using language for different purposes, and making adjustments for different listeners and to convey different types of information), articulation, verbal memory, word retrieval, and spoken communication.  Expressing wants, needs, and thoughts verbally.

Spanish American Committee Early Childhood Enrichment Center Learning Concepts for Pre-school

  •  Alphabet/Phonics/Rhyme
  •  Numbers
  • Shapes
  •  Colors
  •  The four seasons
  •  The five senses
  •  Holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.)
  •  Sequences/Patterns/Sorting
  •  Addresses, telephones, numnbers
  •  Writing/Spelling/Prepositions/Opposites
  •  Picture reading
  •  Projects (with parent involvement)
  •  Pre-assessment/Formal or Informal Assessment/Final Assessments
  •  Field trips
  •  Graduation
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