Little Footsteps Child Enrichment Success Stories


When Juan was 2 1/2 years old, his parents began to notice hyper and agitated behavior that made his time in daycare a challenge for Juan and his caregivers. This behavior, coupled with his strong-willed personality, led him to get in trouble at daycare. It became obvious at some centers that they did not like him, and he really did not like them. In an effort to find the right fit for Juan, his mother, moved him to several different daycare centers, some of which purported to be "the best in childcare."  She found she was paying more, but the staff at these centers were not nurturing enough or trained well enough to handle a challenging child. She would receive calls to pick up Juan from school and take him home early.  Juan was beginning to hate school and going to daycare became a struggle.   Then, Juan’s mother found the Spanish American Committee Early Childhood Enrichment Center and Juan’s school experience began to turn around. 

At this point, the Juan’s family consulted counselors and psychologists who diagnosed Juan with Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHA) and Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD). As an educator, Juan’s mother knew that Juan could overcome these challenges in the right environment and with properly trained teachers. So it was her mission to find the right school forJuan. She spoke with many daycare centers, but it was Ms. Janice Cedeno at Spanish American Committee Daycare who reassured her that she would work with her child. Janice was also open to working with the many outside service providers enlisted to help Juan, such as PEP and Starting Point. The Spanish American Committee Daycare was the only daycare willing to work with such outside help. As Juan went through the IEP process, the teachers and staff at Spanish American Committee filled out all of the necessary paperwork. It was truly a team effort in getting the services and counseling needed for Juan, and Robin says, “I could not have done it without The Spanish American Committee Daycare Center.”

Now Juan loves school, makes it through many successful days, and looks forward every morning to seeing his teachers. He has learned so much. He can write his first and last name as well as the alphabet, he knows his numbers and colors in English and Spanish, and so much more! His therapist at ScrantonSchool has told his family how smart Juan is, and how he is definitely ready for kindergarten in the fall. Juan’s mother is very happy about all the progress he has made and Juan is much happier, too. Juan has finally found a "home" at school, and thankfully looks forward to going to school in the mornings. 


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