Employment Success Stories

Mr. & Mrs. S

Mr. & Mrs. S, and their 1-year-old son came to the Spanish American Committee in early September. They had recently moved to Cleveland from Connecticut. They found themselves living in a friend’s house in Ohio with barely any clothes, no furniture of their own, and hardly any money. They came to see Elizabeth, our Case Manager, for Social Services. Elizabeth enrolled them in our employment program and invited Mr. S to a job fair. After the job fair, Mr. S was able to find employment with US Cotton. Additionally, Mrs. S has great experience in working in a hospital and hopes to keep working in the medical field here in Ohio when she improves her English skills. Mr. & Mrs. S have both enrolled in all the English classes we have available to help them achieve their goals.

Working more with Mr. &  Mrs. S, we were able to provide their son with clothes and even a small crib. After working with Mr. S in class and learning that he was a plumber in Puerto Rico, our volunteer English teacher introduced an opportunity to Mr. S working with a plumbing contractor that she knew. We scheduled an appointment to meet with the contractor with the Families First Program Manager, Kenny Torres, serving as an interpreter. Mr. S has started working as a plumber and loves his new job.

Mr. & Mrs. were so grateful to Spanish American Committee that they celebrated their son’s first birth day with us by bringing in a cake to share during one of their English classes!


Mr. Q

Mr. Q enrolled himself in our job-readiness workshop hosted by CEOGC. He came from Florida and was living on the East side with some friends where he was having trouble. Mr. Q would come every day to the CEOGC class by bus. He was serious about finding employment and participating in the class. He was able to find employment through Minute Men staffing earning  $11/hr. Following up with him, we were able to find out that Mr. Q ended up saving enough money to move out on his own and buy himself a car.


Mr. R

Mr. R came to our office looking for employment. He came to us as a referral from other organizations who had also been working with him to find a job. Mr. R is fully bilingual, young, and is getting ready to have his first child. He recently graduated from Lincoln West and was willing to take a factory position making minimum wage because he was in danger of losing his home.  After hearing Mr. R express an interest in working with cars, our Families First Program Manager, Kenny, told him to hold off and apply with one of our employers – Conrad’s. Kenny spoke with our contact from Conrad’s and sent him Mr. R’s resume. Mr. R came in to the job fair and met Chris from Conrad’s. A week later, Chris hired Mr. R at $12/hr, full-time, with benefits.


Mr. G

Mr. G came to SAC frequently looking for employment. He has attended many job fairs, he was hired by Amotec and then the building was forced to close so he was unemployed again. Mr. G is a certified electrician. One day, a lighting company called us looking for people to help the electricians with supplies. Immediately, we contacted Mr. G and he went to this company to apply. The company not only hired him as a helper, the company hired him as a certified electrician. Mr. G was extremely pleased with the Spanish American Committee.


Mr. D

Mr. D came in to our job fair on July 22nd. He was released from his prior employer and he had been looking for employment for the past 5 months. We scheduled an appointment with him prior to the job fair to counsel him one-on-one and go over his qualifications and prior experience. We invited him to the job fair and asked for him to meet with Orlando from Wal-Mart. The client came to the fair and sat with Orlando. Orlando was able to find him full-time employment at Wal-Mart to work in their accounting department at Steelyard. With a great work schedule, benefits, and pay, Orlando made it clear to us that Mr. D is very happy with his new position and is grateful to the Spanish American Committee. 

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