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Client Success Stories

At The Spanish American Committee, we assist anyone who comes to our agency for help with housing, employment, education, or early childhood education.

We are proud of the services we have been able to maintain over the past 48 years and would like to share some of these success stories:

Mr. & Mrs. S

Mr. & Mrs. S, and their 1-year-old son came to the Spanish American Committee in early September. They had recently moved to Cleveland from Connecticut. They found themselves living in a friend’s house in Ohio with barely any clothes, no furniture of their own, and hardly any money. They came to see Elizabeth, our Case Manager, for Social Services. Elizabeth enrolled them in our employment program and invited Mr. S to a job fair. After the job fair, Mr. S was able to find employment with US Cotton. Additionally, Mrs. S has great experience in working in a hospital and hopes to keep working in the medical field here in Ohio when she improves her English skills. Mr. & Mrs. S have both enrolled in all the English classes we have available to help them achieve their goals.

Working more with Mr. & Mrs. S, we were able to provide their son with clothes and even a small crib. After working with Mr. S in class and learning that he was a plumber in Puerto Rico, our volunteer English teacher introduced an opportunity to Mr. S working with a plumbing contractor that she knew. We scheduled an appointment to meet with the contractor with the Families First Program Manager, Kenny Torres, serving as an interpreter. Mr. S has started working as a plumber and loves his new job.

Mr. & Mrs. were so grateful to Spanish American Committee that they celebrated their son’s first birth day with us by bringing in a cake to share during one of their English classes!

Mr. Q

Mr. Q enrolled himself in our job-readiness workshop hosted by CEOGC. He came from Florida and was living on the East side with some friends where he was having trouble. Mr. Q would come every day to the CEOGC class by bus. He was serious about finding employment and participating in the class. He was able to find employment through Minute Men staffing earning $11/hr. Following up with him, we were able to find out that Mr. Q ended up saving enough money to move out on his own and buy himself a car.

Mr. R

Mr. R came to our office looking for employment. He came to us as a referral from other organizations who had also been working with him to find a job. Mr. R is fully bilingual, young, and is getting ready to have his first child. He recently graduated from Lincoln West and was willing to take a factory position making minimum wage because he was in danger of losing his home. After hearing Mr. R express an interest in working with cars, our Families First Program Manager, Kenny, told him to hold off and apply with one of our employers – Conrad’s. Kenny spoke with our contact from Conrad’s and sent him Mr. R’s resume. Mr. R came in to the job fair and met Chris from Conrad’s. A week later, Chris hired Mr. R at $12/hr, full-time, with benefits.

Mr. G

Mr. G came to SAC frequently looking for employment. He has attended many job fairs, he was hired by Amotec and then the building was forced to close so he was unemployed again. Mr. G is a certified electrician. One day, a lighting company called us looking for people to help the electricians with supplies. Immediately, we contacted Mr. G and he went to this company to apply. The company not only hired him as a helper, the company hired him as a certified electrician. Mr. G was extremely pleased with the Spanish American Committee.

Mr. D

Mr. D came in to our job fair on July 22nd. He was released from his prior employer and he had been looking for employment for the past 5 months. We scheduled an appointment with him prior to the job fair to counsel him one-on-one and go over his qualifications and prior experience. We invited him to the job fair and asked for him to meet with Orlando from Wal-Mart. The client came to the fair and sat with Orlando. Orlando was able to find him full-time employment at Wal-Mart to work in their accounting department at Steelyard. With a great work schedule, benefits, and pay, Orlando made it clear to us that Mr. D is very happy with his new position and is grateful to the Spanish American Committee.

Ms. N

Ms. N. was on a fixed income and having a difficult time paying her mortgage due to an increase in her monthly expenses. She applied for a loan modification, but was denied because her income didn’t meet the criteria. Our staff contacted Ms. N. and suggested she fill out an application for Save the Dream Ohio. Our staff collected all the required documents from the checklist and communicated with the underwriter about her case and because of our support, her application was approved. Her new payments are now reduced by $375 per month and Save the Dream helped her reduce the balance of her loan by $25,000. Grateful for all the help and guidance she received from the Spanish American Committee during the process, she shares her success story with others and is a vivid example of what we do at SAC for our community.

Mr. R

Mr. R came in seeking help for his mortgage. His Hardship started when he was laid off. He called the Mortgage Company to let them know why he would be late on his mortgage payment . The representative explained a couple of options such as a re-payment plan, forbearance, deed in lieu and loan modification. They sent him the package and sent back the required documents with the package.

Mr. R sent everything in. First, they said he was approved for forbearance then after a loan modification for $352.00 for 1 year his regular payments were $583.00- a difference of $231.00. Mr. R called the Mortgage Company after one year to see if he still qualified for a new loan modification.

He sent in another loan modification package with new information required; after many calls and leaving voicemails, no one at the mortgage company knew where the package was. Mr. R was still sending in payments and they were accepting them but the payments were not found anywhere.

After my client explained everything to me, as a counselor I decided to start to investigate why they were accepting his payments but not showing on their system. I requested many times to speak to their supervisor and have it escalated or I was going to get someone involved in Ohio General Attorney’s office.

I received a call from Mortgage Company and it was explained to me that someone made a mistake of adding another client’s information on Mr. R’s mortgage loan. After many calls they decided to release the title and mortgage, meaning Mr. R no longer has a mortgage note. He no longer owes the mortgage company the $58,000 loan.

Ms. C

Ms. C attended the home buying class in July 2016. The following week she had her one-on-one counseling session. At the session, we went over her income, credit report and budget. Ms. C had been to other banks and mortgage companies to see if she qualified for a home loan but because of her low credit score at the time she couldn’t do it. After a couple of months helping clear out some credit issues and saving for down payment, Ms. C called very happy to let me know that her credit score went up from 589, 601, and 550 to 625, 668, and 735! She got approved from a bank and received down payment assistance of $3,750.00 and approved for $60,000 dollars. The education she received from our Housing Program helped to her realize there was much to learn about buying a home.

Mr. P

Mr. P scheduled an appointment with Financial Services Manager Dulce Sanchez so she could review his unemployment denial letter. After creating a budget and reviewing his financial situation, she found he was late on his property taxes and other bills and responsibilities in the amount of about $2,500. Mr. P was desperate and didn’t have any clue where to find the amount of money by the end of January 2016. On top of that, he also received a warrant for his arrest for an unpaid ticket. With no other options Dulce went the extra mile by reviewing his previous paystubs and found he had a 401K and that the company was holding the money. After speaking to the company with the client’s authorization she found out he currently had $4,500 in the 401K retirement plan. After 3 unsuccessful attempts to submit reimbursement paperwork to the company, she had to personally talk to the HR manager of the company to explain Mr. P’s financial need. On February 19, 2016 the client called to say that he received the check and deposited it in his account. In addition, she was able to go to the Justice Center with Mr. P who was beyond nervous because of his language barrier and assisted him in resolving the ticket issue and removing the warrant. He was so happy and recently came by the office for help making his property tax payment to the Cuyahoga County treasurer. Not long after that, Dulce received a call from him to thank her because he was finally able to sleep through the whole night knowing that his financial situation was resolved. She also referred Mr. P to the employment program to try to ensure that his financial success can be long term, to a financial institution to set up an emergency savings account, and will be working on helping him build his credit.

Mrs. V

Mrs. V came in looking to consolidate 7 credit cards currently affecting her credit for nonpayment due to unemployment. After reviewing Mrs. V's financial situation and creating a budget based on her unemployment income, I was able to communicate with the credit card companies and lower 4 of the credit cards with the higher interest rate of 24.99% to 18.25% and consolidate the remaining 3 with a low monthly payment of $55.00 a month. I was also able to review her mortgage loan and applied for a loan modification. Modification was approved and her mortgage payment from $860.00 is now $525.00 for a trial period.

Mr. N

Mr. N came in with an identity theft situation and was concerned about not being able to receive a refund for earned income credit for the last 2 years. After going over Mr. N’s tax situation, I discovered the reason for the mistake (Tax mistakes like choosing the “married filing separately” filing status can prevent taxpayers from claiming the Earned Income Credit) and was able to file his taxes and get him a refund of $7,824 federal and $560 from the State. We also amended the taxes for the previous years of 2014 and 2013.

Mr. S

Mr. S wanted help repairing his credit. He came to the appointment but after reviewing the documents I found that Mr. S had a car loan from an accident that happened a few months ago and the bank needed to be contacted. The amount on the loan was $1,000 and after talking to the financial institution, I was able to settle the account for $550. The debt was due to a total loss of a vehicle Mr. S purchased and the insurance was not able to cover the whole amount of the loan. Working with Mr. S on the situation I found a few credit cards and loans and started the financial review. As a result, I found that Mr. S had 4 accounts that did not belong to him; however, a dispute was filed and submitted to the 3 credit bureaus. After 7 months, his credit score of 590 is now at 640 and Mr. S is on the right track to reach his goal of homeownership within the next year.


When Juan was 2 1/2 years old, his parents began to notice hyper and agitated behavior that made his time in daycare a challenge for Juan and his caregivers. This behavior, coupled with his strong-willed personality, led him to get in trouble at daycare. It became obvious at some centers that they did not like him, and he really did not like them. In an effort to find the right fit for Juan, his mother, moved him to several different daycare centers, some of which purported to be "the best in childcare." She found she was paying more, but the staff at these centers were not nurturing enough or trained well enough to handle a challenging child. She would receive calls to pick up Juan from school and take him home early. Juan was beginning to hate school and going to daycare became a struggle. Then, Juan’s mother found the Spanish American Committee Early Childhood Enrichment Center and Juan’s school experience began to turn around.

At this point, the Juan’s family consulted counselors and psychologists who diagnosed Juan with Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHA) and Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD). As an educator, Juan’s mother knew that Juan could overcome these challenges in the right environment and with properly trained teachers. So it was her mission to find the right school forJuan. She spoke with many daycare centers, but it was Ms. Janice Cedeno at Spanish American Committee Daycare who reassured her that she would work with her child. Janice was also open to working with the many outside service providers enlisted to help Juan, such as PEP and Starting Point. The Spanish American Committee Daycare was the only daycare willing to work with such outside help. As Juan went through the IEP process, the teachers and staff at Spanish American Committee filled out all of the necessary paperwork. It was truly a team effort in getting the services and counseling needed for Juan, and Robin says, “I could not have done it without The Spanish American Committee Daycare Center.”

Now Juan loves school, makes it through many successful days, and looks forward every morning to seeing his teachers. He has learned so much. He can write his first and last name as well as the alphabet, he knows his numbers and colors in English and Spanish, and so much more! His therapist at ScrantonSchool has told his family how smart Juan is, and how he is definitely ready for kindergarten in the fall. Juan’s mother is very happy about all the progress he has made and Juan is much happier, too. Juan has finally found a "home" at school, and thankfully looks forward to going to school in the mornings.