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SAC History

Mission: “To serve as the gateway to socioeconomic success for the Hispanic community”

Since 1966, The Spanish American Committee has been dedicated to serving as the gateway to socioeconomic success for the Hispanic community of Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, and the state of Ohio. The agency’s founders set out with the goal of enhancing the capacity of Latinos to achieve economic wellbeing, participate fully in society, and enjoy a full and productive life. When SAC opened, our primary service was teaching English. By the 1990s, our operating objective was to help stabilize and strengthen the family unit and then help create the conditions and resources within the family leading to social and economic well-being. Now, SAC has over 51 years of experience serving Cleveland’s Hispanic population, making it the longest-operating Latino social service agency in Ohio.

The Spanish American Committee has established a proven track record of successfully providing comprehensive human services programs. Our network of programs, along with a host of strong and reliable partner agencies, fosters self-sustainability by challenging clients to work toward real and permanent change in their lives. By taking a holistic approach to the well-being of individuals and families, SAC has become one of the most capable Hispanic-focused human service providers in Cleveland. Over the years, our programs have grown and adapted to skillfully meet the needs of the community that we serve. Our service model, which can be described as a “one-stop-shop” approach, affords our staff the ability to create pathways tailored to each individual client to ensure that their needs are successfully met and they are equipped with a plan to overcome the barriers that they face to success.